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Best selling 3 in 1 multi-RF photon vacuum system machine

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Best selling 3 in 1 multi-RF photon vacuum system machine:

This machine main function is Facial skin tightening, body fat reduction and vacuum massage.

It has 3 Multi-RF photon Vacuum liposunction heads:

- Large RF Vacuum Photon head: 88mm diameter, suitable for abdomen,back,thighs,etc.

- Medium RF Vacuum Photon head:  58mm diameter,suitable for shanks,arms,etc.

- Small RF Vacuum Photon head: 28mm diameter,suitable for eyes,face,etc.

And it has two kinds of photon colours:

- Blue photon: Whitening, eliminating puffiness, acne treatment

- Red photon: skin rejuvenation,promote metabolism


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