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Cause wrinkle factors and how to prevent

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With the increase of age, the loss of collagen, wrinkles appear on the face. It is known that for wrinkle, HIFU wrinkle removal technology has the best treatment effect in beauty circles, but most of people doubt how old to use it is the best time?

The high-energy focused ultrasound of HIFU, which penetrates the skin to reach the skin deep fascia layer (SMAS layer), stimulate collagen and newborn, re-construction of collagen fiber network from the bottom of the skin to increase skin elasticity. HIFU wrinkle removal technolgy can deepen the skin, restore skin elasticity, and thus effectively achieve the purpose of anti-aging and skin care.

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In fact, the earlier the better for HIFU wrinkle removal, because the HIFU not only for aging skin, improving skin texture to wrinkles disappear, more importantly, but also preventing aging and consolidation of existing skin condition. So long as you find the face appeared fine lines or the phenomenon of skin relaxation, you can use the HIFU to treat it.

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