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Effects on LED phototherapy equipment

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Clinical research has confirmed that light energy at specific wavelengths of light stimulates skin cells to produce specific physiological functions. LED is a low energy, specific pulse, narrow band light, it has a mild photobiomodulatory effect on cells to regulate cell biological activity, referred to as light or photobiological stimulation

Effects of LED treatment on facial skin involves reductions of moderate wrinkles, improvement of skin texture and tone, firmness and smoothness of the skin. Additionally, LED has a far safer treatment profile than ablative methodologies such as aggressive chemical peeling and laser resurfacing.

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1. To improve skin photoaging

Clinically many studies, mainly in the following several bands, 630,660 nm can increase the synthesis of collagen, MMP-1 is the decomposition of collagen enzyme expression decreased, the histological structure showed a neat collagen arrangement phenomenon.

2. Promote wound healing

There is a corresponding research, concentrated in the 630nm range, but looks relatively high energy.

3:Reduce UV damage

630,660 nm can improve the erythema index induced by UVB before and after UV irradiation, suggesting that the red regulation effect can reduce the UVB-induced acute injury response.

4:Acne treatment

415nm blue light sterilization, against the anaerobic acnes Propionibacterium, adjuvant therapy, the domestic hospitals have been widely used.

5. Hair loss

Low-energy red light can also promote the differentiation of hair follicle stem cells to the growth phase, which helps the growth of newborn hair.

Different wavelengths of LED lighting will have different effects on the skin. However, due to the different skin conditions of each person, it is necessary to improve the skin with LED light of the appropriate wavelength. The LED red and blue light have the effect of improving the skin and the LED beauty instrument has been developed. Users can calm the face with blue light and concentrate their attention , Red light can be used for collagen hyperplasia, improve the small lines, pores, swelling after surgery. 

By changing the energy of the red light from the depth of the treatment of skin folds, it can not only smooth the skin, but also to prevent the growth of bacteria within the skin

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