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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine back pain treatment

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine back pain treatment

Shock wave machine use an effective, safe and non-invasive treatment that utilizes acoustic pressure waves to penetrate bone and soft tissue. Shockwave therapy is particularly effective in areas where major connective tissue attaches to the bone – such as the foot, the knee, the elbow, the shoulder, the hip and trigger points in muscles throughout the body. 


Pneumatic shockwave therapy

Frequency / energy

1-21 HZ / 1 Bar~10 Bar


LCD touch Screen


5 size transmitters


fast relieve pain

Output power




Clinic and salon Pneumatic Equine Shockwave Machine for Sale

Innovative design of shock wave therapy in 2019.

The main operating elements have been integrated into the hand-piece. Frequency and energy levels can be adjusted directly via selector buttons. This makes working at the patient easier. The total number of applied shocks can be controlled well.


-- Effective shots:1,000,000 shots  
-- 5 FREE Transmitter provide,size:6/10/15/20/25mm 
-- It is pneumatic version, with better results than electro-magnetic version.
-- The energy is much more competitive in the beauty market. For pneumatic version, most shock wave machines can only reach to 5 bar, but our new version can reach to 10 bar!
-- SW13 with ED treatment function and fat removal function. 
-- The design is much better and beautiful. There is the screen in the handle, and the button in the handle, more advanced. 
-- We will send more spare parts with this new machine
-- High Quality with 3 Years Warranty.
-- Popular in salon and clinic

Clinic and salon Pneumatic Equine Shockwave Machine for Sale

Shockwave therapy offers two main advantages over traditional surgical methods: fewer potential complications and a faster return to normal activity.
  • No anaesthesia
  • Non invasive
  • No medication
  • No surgery
  • Fast treatment – 15 minutes per session, 3-4 sessions required
  • Fewer complications
  • Virtually painless after treatment
  • Significant clinical benefit often seen 6-8 weeks after treatment

Clinic and salon Pneumatic Equine Shockwave Machine for Sale


Q:Can shockwave therapy help me?

A:Most patients with chronic pain problems have been through various unsuccessful types of treatments. Up to 80% of the same patients worldwide report that Shockwave therapy has helped them eliminate their problem.


Q:Does the treatment hurt?

A:There may be a slight feeling of discomfort during the treatment, depending on the level of pain the patient is already experiencing in the area. However, since the treatment lasts only about five minutes, most patients are able to tolerate this discomfort. Additionally, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted throughout the session.


Q:How many treatments will I need?

A:The number of treatments varies depending on the indication and tissue response. The effect of the treatment is cumulative, so you will typically need more than one (3–5) treatment. Very often though, you will experience relief right after the first treatment.


Q:How often will I need the treatment?

A:Most indications require 3–5 treatments which are done 3–10 days apart, depending on the patient’s tolerance and their tissue response.


Q:Will I feel any pain after the treatment?

A:Most patients will experience an immediate pain relief following the treatment. However, within 2–4 hours after the treatment, they may experience some soreness in the treated area. This soreness has been reported as tolerable and not limiting.


Q:Are there any restrictions after the treatment?

A:It is recommended that patients refrain from physical activity, especially one that would involve the treated region, for about 48 hours following each treatment session.

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