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【Fruit time】use different color of fruits to skin care 1

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Do you know that fruits are not only good looking, but also different colors fruit have care function for our skin

Today, honeytik will be popularized for everyone that the different effects of various fruits, they not only with good nutrition but also have different function for skin care


Today will recommend the red fruits for skin care.

Red fruits are rich in lycopene, carotene, iron and part of amino acids, high-quality protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, B vitamins and a variety of inorganic salts.

Scientists believe that eating more red food can prevent colds, have the effect of treating iron deficiency anemia and relieve fatigue, and have preventive and therapeutic effects on breast cancer and other tumor diseases, smooth skin, enhance epidermal cell regeneration and prevent skin aging, and so on

Pomegranate:  Pomegranate juice contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can help digestion, anti-gastric ulcer, soften blood vessels, lower blood fat and blood sugar, lower cholesterol and other functions. Also can help you adjust your skin color, turbidity and beauty. Many beauty products add red pomegranate to them, like Estee Lauder, L'Oreal.

Cherry:  Fresh cherries: It has very rich iron content of 6 to 8 mg per 100 grams. It has the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration and anti-cancer, its especially suitable for women to eat. It has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood and can make the skin rosy. So if your skin color is pale can eat more will have great improvement

Watermelon:  Watermelon juice contains a variety of important health and beauty chemicals. These nutrients of watermelon are easily absorbed by the skin.

It is very good for moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and whitening effect on facial skin. It can make the skin delicate and shiny. And apply the watermelon skin for face have good effect for skin hydrating, which is very helpful for the dark skin persons

There also have many red fruits can be used for beauty

Strawberry:  Remove oil and cleanse, Rejuvenating skin

Apple:    Detoxification, Lighten freckles

Lychee:  Brighten the whitening, Ruddy

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