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Hifu Machine: Beauty Salon 17 Things You Must Know

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1: What are the therapeutic effects of hifu?

Eliminates wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and lips. Lifting and tightening the skin on the cheeks, improving the lines around the eyes, improving chin wrinkles, preventing skin aging on the neck, reducing marionette lines, improving skin texture, and increasing skin elasticity.

2: What are the principles and therapeutic advantages of hifu?

It uses the focus point to penetrate the layer of 3.0-4.5 mm of the skin, that is, the SMAS layer, to generate thermal coagulation, to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening, to achieve the effect of fascia suspension and lifting, and then precisely from deep to shallow Improve and support the subcutaneous structure of the skin, shrink the aging collagen, stimulate collagen proliferation and reorganization, and restore the skin's elasticity.

① Non-invasive treatment, no damage to the epidermis, comfortable treatment, non-invasive, no need for recovery.

② Deep level, the only instrument that can reach the depth of subcutaneous 3-4.5mm to the SMAS fascia layer to lift and tighten.

③ High heat, 65°C is the best collagen denaturation temperature, which can most effectively stimulate collagen regeneration.

④ The effect of one treatment is remarkable, and the effect can last for 3-5 years.

⑤ Immediately after the operation, you can see the effect of lifting, firming and skin rejuvenation.

3: What is the effect of face/eye treatment/neck treatment/forehead treatment?

Perfect focus eliminates nasolabial folds and enhances apple muscles. Tighten and lift contours. Jawline is defined. The eye area is to enhance the crow's feet and the end of the eyes. The neck eliminates double chins, removes neck lines and tightens neck muscles. The effect of forehead treatment is to eliminate forehead lines, tighten loose forehead skin and enhance eyebrows and eyes.

4: Is the depth of hifu treatment the same as that of suspension lift?

It is the same as the fascia layer (SMAS), which is the key position of the lifting effect and wrinkle removal.

5: What is the temperature of hifu and what effect does it have?

Its temperature is to generate a high temperature of 60-70 degrees under the skin, which can indeed effectively stimulate the contraction and proliferation of collagen, without damaging the epidermal tissue, and achieve the best firming and lifting effect of wrinkle removal.

6: What is the difference between hifu and Thermage?

Hifu focuses on one point and is a point-like fever, while Thermage is a sheet-like fever. Thermage is based on the principle of radio frequency. The depth of hifu fixed-level heating is 3.0-4.5 mm. Thermage achieves heat through skin conduction, which cannot be achieved. control.

7: Can I wear makeup after hifu?

After hifu, you can make up, but you should also pay attention to skin care, don't kill the skin.

8: What should I pay attention to after finishing hifu?

Do not eat spicy food in general, and prohibit smoking and alcohol.

9: Can hifu be done after thread embedding? How long can it be done?

Can. First of all, the doctor will communicate with you whether the thread is absorbable. Generally, the thread embedding is absorbable protein thread. It would be better to do hifu after embedding the thread one month later.

10: Can I do hifu after the water light treatment?

It can be done, but it is generally recommended to do hifu after 15 days.

11: What facial problems can hifu improve

① Improve facial fine lines, sagging, inconspicuous chin-neck angle and sagging eyes.

② Tighten the skin tissue of the forehead and enhance the eyebrow line.

③ Eliminates wrinkles around the eyes and forehead

④ Shrink pores and acne scars

⑤ Remove double chin and improve jaw line

⑥ Improve nasolabial folds and remove splayed lines

⑦ Remove neck wrinkles and prevent neck skin aging

⑧ Tighten and lift cheek skin, clear facial contours,

⑨ Restore skin elasticity, improve skin texture, skin tone, and elasticity.

12: Is HIFU particularly painful? Is it unbearable for ordinary people?

Hifu does cause some discomfort, but pain perception varies from person to person.

Therefore, as long as it is under the good control of the doctor, any anesthesia method can be used, including topical anesthetic EMLA and local anesthetic injection. Most people say that the pain after hifu is very weak.

13: Is hifu suitable for all people with aging skin?

In fact, there is currently no medical aesthetic technique that is suitable for everyone, and HIFU is the same. The following types of people are not suitable for HIFU: If you are over 70 and your skin is severely loose, I think HIFU is no longer suitable for you! They more need to reshape the bone support structure.

In addition, there are some people who are not suitable: pregnant women, patients with severe heart disease and diabetes are not suitable to use medical means to find beauty.

14: Will there be dependence after hifu treatment? Need to use it all the time or it will bounce back?

In fact, this does not happen. The immediate effect of just finishing hifu is only about 40%, and the wrinkles have not completely faded. As time goes by, collagen continues to be regenerated, and the skin condition will gradually become tender and plump. During the course of treatment, through proper maintenance and good living habits , the effect will be maintained stably, the average level is 3-5 years, or even more. After the course of treatment, the skin will gradually return to its natural aging speed. Therefore, multiple treatments must have a more durable and stable effect than a single treatment.

15: Will hifu treatment cause facial stiffness?

Hifu is different from micro-plastic surgery such as injections, just like traditional facelift surgery. It lifts and tightens the SMAS layer in the original state of the skin. The operator designs a suitable treatment plan according to the characteristics of each person's facial contour, and the treatment is accurate. It is very safe without injuring other surrounding tissues, let alone affecting the movement of facial muscles.

16: Does hifu have any side effects?

A beautiful thing will always arouse people's discussions. However, according to international authoritative data, the use of ultrasonic energy has a good record, and it has been used in medical imaging technology for more than 50 years. In addition, HIFU treatment has been approved by the FDA after clinical safety research, and it has been implemented several times around the world. Thousands of treatments have never been shown to have side effects.

17: Can hifu be made with a very low price?

If you accidentally believe that cheap hifu is equally as amazing, it will completely shock you after doing it.

If you're lucky, your skin may remain unchanged, or if you're unlucky, your skin may be severely damaged.

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