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Honeytik Fans' Festival is coming with great surprise!

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Honeytik's 1st fans' festival is coming!!! from April 15th-30th April, clients will get discount and gift if place the order!!!

Now, To feedback and service customers better, we will hold First Fan's Festival.  A festival purpose-built for all clients. Any interests?

Fan's Festival is from 15th-30th April. During this time all hot-selling machines with discount and clients will get customied free gift. 

Here we'd like to highly introduce you our HIEMT PRO MAX.


What are the features of HIEMT PRO MAX?

A. About functions of HIEMT PRO MAX:

1. 4 handles can work at the same time, and 2 handles of them can work individually. You can treat 4 areas of one client or 2 areas for 2 clients at the same time.

-2 flat handles for abdomen and buttocks

-2 concave handles for arm and Calves.

2. Offer free sitting working head in March: pelvic floor training, postpartum recovery, reproductive privacy. 28 minutes to trigger pelvic floor muscle tightening and lifting 12,000 times, 6 treatments in 3 weeks, that is to improve the problem of frequent urination and urination.

3. Smart operating system. Two modes can be switched freely (expert mode and smart mode). F1-F6 multiple modes, from warm-up, exercise to relax, there is a real experience of exercise.

4. More than 2000 clinical tests, our EMSculpt treatment achieve 16% muscle gain and 19% fat reduction for average.


B. About hardware and software of HIEMT PRO MAX:

1. Brand new air cooling system system, same as the original Emsculpt. It can do continuous 24 hours working with no downtime. It can treat more clients than other models each day. No need to add water. Stronger and longer working time than the water cooling system emsculpt.

2. Advantage of handle: dual fans for better heat dissipation, coils replace the old wire tubes, increase the intensity, energy in a safer way.

3. Improve the Frequency from 50HZ to 120HZ, treatment result increase over 30%

4. Separate the power supply and heat dissipation systems, greatly reduce the fault rate, easy for normal maintenance, better ensure the safety.


C. About the market of HIEMT PRO MAX:

1. Refer to market research from different regions, over 90% clients have the demands or potential needs for this machine

2. There's a rent system on the machine, meet more demands of the market and bring profits in a different way.

3. Users can upgrade the latest software through the USB disk port to quickly improve the performance of the instrument.

4. Customizable interface logo and more than 30 languages to meet more client needs

5. Refer to the current market charging standards, do the treatments for 10 to 15 clients could recover the investment and earn more profits quickly.


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