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Hot sale protable cryolipolysis machine for body slimming

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When we thing about body shaping: the first thing we think of is to eat less and exercise more. No matter how hard we exercise, as much older we are, much slower down our body metabolisms, there are larege pieces of fat like the abdomen, thighs, and waist. How about the beauty machines for body slimming?

Because the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue are rich in fatty acids, they are particularly sensitive to low temperatures, while adjacent tissue cells - vascular cells, peripheral nerve cells, melanocytes, fibroblasts or fat-deficient fat cells - are less sensitive to low temperatures. This difference determines that at a certain low temperature (0-10 °), fat cells are inactivated and other tissue cells have no effect, thereby achieving the effect of freezing fat.

The cryolipolysis fat freeze instrument is especially suitable for patients with local obesity. The ideal candidate is not systemic obesity, but a willingness to reduce local concentrated fat such as abdomen, flank, waist, arms and buttocks, depending on the thickness of the fat and the desired therapeutic effect. it is recommended that the customer do 2-3 times a course of treatment, which can eliminate more than 25-45% of fat. Although the efficiency is a little worse than liposuction, the experience is really different.


Our hot sale prtable caryolipolysis fat freeze machines could help you do a test, no matter for home use for salon use. It will not take a much space, easy to moveu. What do you think?


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