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How Women Age, and How We Can Fight Aging

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Generally, when women are 25-29 years old, the speed of skin aging will be accelerated, because the skin metabolism function will gradually deteriorate, the skin will become more dry, the self-repair ability will become worse, and fine lines and dullness will begin to appear.

30-39 years old mid-term aging characteristics: increased wrinkles around the corners of the mouth and eyes, increased expression lines, mild sagging of the face, such as deepened tear grooves and nasolabial folds, the mouth slowly shrinks inward, and lacks elasticity.

The characteristics of severe aging at the age of 40-50: severe skin aging, dry subcutaneous cells, severe loss of collagen, and cell collapse in some parts of enlarged pores. Fine lines deepen, forming true wrinkles. The skin is sagging and sagging, the double chin is obvious, the facial contour line is not clear, not round, showing old appearance.

Women after the age of 50 will feel heartache when looking in the mirror. It is not too late to think about anti-aging at this time. It is not that there is no cure, but at this age, skin cells have entered a state of sleep, and the cell activity is extremely low. , the aging symptoms of the skin are exacerbated and deeply rooted. If you want to achieve the perfect anti-aging degree, you will not only spend a lot of money, but also need more energy to maintain it (skin)

Scientists pointed out: anti-aging at 20 years old will retain the youth of 20 years old, anti-aging at 30 years old will retain the youth of 30 years old, so anti-aging should be early, and it is not too late to wait until people are old and pearly.

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