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How to choose a weight loss equipment in a beauty salon

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According to Gould Berg, the process of freezing and thawing gradually absorbs the heat of subcutaneous fat. The temperature of fat cells is reduced to zero degrees Fahrenheit which is to freeze them. Low temperature does not affect the skin or muscles while killing fat cells. Dying fat cells are then excreted through the liver.

fat freezing machine

For those with "stubborn" fat people, the fat-free cryolipolysis is undoubtedly a godsend. Whether weight-intensive parts or smaller fat areas, such as loving muscles (loosening of the upper and lower loins of the buttocks), belly fat and back fat, this weight-loss technique can all produce stunned effects.

To some disappointed people, it is disappointing that the effect of losing weight by cryogenic freezing weight loss can't appear immediately. The death of fat cells takes two to three months to drain through urine, and the weight loss effect can be revealed at this time. Debbie Scott from west London, who specializes in various activities, is one of the first British people to try cryogenic freezing. "I exercise regularly and pay more attention to the diet," she said. "I routine exercise, and also pay more attention to the diet, but the fat on the belly is not reduced.This therapy seems to me ideal."

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