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Is it painful during HIFU treatment? How does the client feel?

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Is it painful during 9d HIFU treatment? How does the client feel?

During the treatment,  it's a little hurt, and hot felling, but all are the clients' affordence, and we can adjust the energy according to the clients' affordance

we also update the system to 7HZ, usually the other hifu devices on the market is only 4HZ, that showing the fast shots speed will let the operation very comfortable

Which controller and transmitter to use for neck and double chin

for the double chin and neck, we can use the 4.5mm cartridge to do the treatment, and then use the 3.0mm, they are working on different depths of Dermis and fascia layer to reach the best results.

Please rest assured , we will offer you detailes parameters suggestion to support your using the machine well .

We mainly do face treatment, lipohifu seems to be less necessary for us

for the lipohifu handles, to be hoenst, according to the cost of the machine, the lipohifu ca be a free adding for this machine,  some of our clients will do the lipohifu for free for their VIP customers as gift during the face tretament,  also all of the clients love this, as the lipohifu will also have the immediately effect after the treatment.

Also the lipohifu handle can also reach the result of ease the stretch marks

lipo hifu treatment

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