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Laser hair removal process

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Laser hair removal process

  1. Choose suitable treatment parameter

Choose suitable pulse duration and frequency, and set up the energy from low to high,

meantime observe the color change of the skin. It is OK when the skin becomes a

little red temporarily. Setting parameter is very important, which should be different

according to different patients. Parameters should be adjusted in accordance with skin

reflection during the treatment.

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2. Management on the skin before and after treatment:

The hairs on the surface of skin should be shaved before the hair removal operating.

And the couplant, like cold gel, should be daubed averagely on the skin. Cold

compress with cold towels on the skin in 20-30 minutes after a treatment is better to

ease pain and inflammation. In this situation, the aloe vera gel can be daubed to make

recovery. During operation, the using of SPF15-30 sunscreen cream is suggested for

against sun burnt. Also having vitaminB1 could reduce the sensitivity of skin to light.

The photonasty medicine and food (like celery, leek, caraway etc.) should be

prohibited. The person with sensitive skin is prohibited to eat food that may cause

skin allergy. Dryness of skin may be happened among part of patients, because

absorbing capability of skin is getting stronger and body metabolism is getting faster

after operating. So the complementarity of water and nutrition by skincare is

necessary after operation.

3.Treatment Period:

Each treatment lasts 20-60 minutes. The interval of every 2 treatments is 3 weeks. 2-3

treatments are a period. Why there are so many treatments? It is to reduce secondary

reaction while to gradually beautify skin. In addition, we can start our work and life

soon after a treatment with 808nm diode laser machine, which is in accord with

modern life. Treatment time and times are up to the size and degree of pathological

area. Each treatment produces remarkable improvement.

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