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Micro needle roller kit is very convenient for you to do skin rejuvanation at home

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We'd love to recommend you micro needle roller kit BM41 today!

4 in 1 derma roller: 1200needles for body , 720needles for face, 300needles for eye, internal disinfection tank. It comes with rotary transformation model of head, more stable and convenient to take off the heads. Internal disinfection tank with fixed position for roller head. Humanization anti-skid grip design.

BIO4-1 machine.png

It has a good effect to smooth skin ,clear up the acne, soften sare , remove the wrinkle and solve the other the problem.

It is convenient for you to carry during a trip and do skin rejuvanation at home,Also , it could save money and time, it's very cost-effective for you.

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