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Newest picosecond laser tattoo removal machine for sale

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Picosecond laser tattoo remove is so far is regarded as a much more higher level of technology in tattoo remove .   It is a unites of time actually in  academically, 1 picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second.


The picosecond laser hits the skin and stays in the skin for picoseconds. The treatment speed is 90 times higher than the traditional Q-switching. In this process, there are basically no cells that damage the skin.


The effect of picosecond laser treatment is excellent. Basically, it is the effect of traditional laser three times. This is because the picosecond laser shatters the pigment into very fine particles, which is more convenient for the body to metabolize the pigment and greatly improve the removal rate of the stain. The most important thing is that the postoperative redness and swelling can be resolved within 12-24 hours, almost zero damage, no troubles after crusting and dislocation, and the recovery is extremely fast, suitable for people with fast pace of life. Second, it does not have any problems with scars, coloration, and blackness.


You must choose a professional institution to wash your tattoos. Otherwise, it is easy to leave scars even if the equipment is good.


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