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Permanent diode laser hair removal machine

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laser Beauty Hair Removal offers the safest and most effective laser hair removal solution available today,  Aestheticians are now able to treat all skin tones and the widest range of hair types every day. 

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The advantages of this laser hair removal machine:

1. Professional hair removal machine with germany 755 808 1064 diode laser ;

2. Safety: The 755 808 1064nm diode laser hair removal machine is a Gold Standard product and features a reliable performance. There is almost no skin scattering, no harm will come to the skin and sweat glands, there will be no scars left behind, and there are no side effects;

3. Fast: The large spot size (12x 20mm²), a 10Hz repetition rate, and a maximum output power of 1200W ensures excellent effects and a fast treatment on the large treatment area using FHR mode (On-motion), as well as reduces the treatment time by 1/5;

4. Efficiency: An 755 808 1064nm diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology, ensuring the mechanism performance and making the clinical results both visible and safe;

5. No pain: A sapphire temperature cools the area to -5ºC, causing a temporary epidermal anesthesia. This means the treatment is painless and comfortable.

Perform virtually painless treatments quickly and comfortably, lucyving your clients with the beautiful, silky smooth skin they desire.

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