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Portable skin analyzer scanner facial skin problem

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Why the portable skin analyzer is necessary for improve your skin?

Many don’t understand or even know what a portable skin analyzer might do. This device is the future for ultimate skin care. Our skin analyzers will help you detect many different skin conditions by magnifying the patient’s skin, photographing and taking live video, and being able to download the images to a stationary device, so you will be able to really sit down and see all the different parts and pathways of your patient’s skin.



1. Unique RGB / UV photo shot system

2. Real-time preview + dual pictures display

3. Comfortable tilted check entrance, human-oriented design

4. Powerful PC software supporting for automatic precise analysis

5. Analysis area user definable

6. Before and after contrast, easily to compare

7. Not only check facial skin today, and also “see” the facial skin in the future

8. CRM with professional UV / RGB analysis for pore, wrinkle, acne

Many people, unfortunately, don’t believe a condition is serious unless they can get a physical sense for it. With this new superior skin analyzer machine, the future is now. Skin analyzers give us the ability to diagnose more clearly and with more certainty. Not only this but also we will be able to come up with beneficial treatment plans that will target the issues that lie deep within the skin. To stay a step ahead when it comes to quality skin care for your patients and clients, a skin analyzer is your answer.

After analysis, Customer would like to know their specific skin problems, how to recommend the appropriate product, would like to know the analysis of each representative of the indicators mean, how to determine the severity of skin problems, how to recommend a suitable course of treatment. if you are a beauty salon,spa, clinic. This article will be helpful to you. 

Hope we can all know our skin problem and then find the solution of the skin problem to inprove them then achieve the skin rejuvenation and tightenning.



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