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Safe and efficient Nd-yag laser tattoo removal machine

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Laser Tattoo Removal is the safest and most effective method available to Lose Your Unwanted Ink(Tattoo Regret)

Many men and women have unwanted ink.  In fact, 0ver 23% of people in the world have ink that they no longer want. See if you are a candidate for our rapid removal process.

Laser tattoo removal machine assure that the correct wavelength(532nm/1064nm) of light emitted by the laser is used (based on tattoo ink colors), and the laser is carefully calibrated, tuned, and manufactured.The goal is to remove unwanted ink in as short a time as possible with minimal side effects.

Laser tattoo removal follows the principles known as selective photothermolysis.This means that laser light must destroys the target without damaging the surrounding tissue (skin).

This requires careful choice, manufacture, and calibration of the laser used, as well as the wavelength of light used so that the thermal relaxation time (defined as the time necessary for the target to cool 50% through diffusion of heat to surrounding tissues) is greater than the laser pulse duration.

If you are tired of your tattoo or wish to change part of a tattoo for a coverup, we offer state of the art removal based on our 15+ years of clinical research and experience to provide the fastest results with minimum side effects.

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