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Technology changes the way people cryolipolysis slimming

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With the improvement and provision of people's living materials, many people's weight has gradually increased. For the sake of beauty, many people try various methods to lose weight, exercise, liposuction, dieting, but without persistence, fat will come back, not too much. The effect, so people are very upset.

Surprisingly: Studies have shown that fat cells are more sensitive to cold than skin, muscles and nerves, so it is found that in the low temperature environment that does not damage the epidermal tissue, the fat cells can be selectively apoptotic without affecting other physiological structures. .

1, some stubborn fat can not be eliminated through diet and exercise

2, cryolysis technology through the low temperature to accurately "kill" these fat cells

3. In the following weeks, these dead fats are metabolized out of the body.

4, the effect of freezing fat is long-lasting, because it directly reduces the number of fat cells in the body.

This non-invasive, no need to move the knife, the process is painless, safe and almost no recovery period, a single treatment can reduce the fat thickness by 25%, from the fundamental reduction of fat, to modify the effect, it is not easy to regain fat.

It is very popular in the market, he is ETG15-4. Multi-handle, two handles can work simultaneously to treat different body parts, different handle sizes correspond to different degrees of obesity, the effect is very good, can remove 20 or so at a time Fat, the most important thing is not to rebound,

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cryolipolysis slimming

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