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The 6 in 1 aqua peel machine may interest you?

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-What is Aqua peel treatment?

Aqua Peels provide a safe, non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate skin. With the use of exfoliation, iontophoresis, hydration, and integrated vacuum extraction, the procedure is an all-encompassing tool to combat impurities.

This clinic delivers a comprehensive, all-in-one RF Deep Facial Cleansing solution with the use of aqua peels. The skin will glisten as it’s treated leading to a tighter, cleaner finish.

Stages of RF Deep Facial Cleansing

This powerful treatment is accepted as a wide-ranging solution to target and eliminate skin-based contaminations. The clinic offers a four-step procedure with the help of its technology.

1. Cleansing – Dead skin cells are removed using mild vacuum suction

2. Peel – Debris in patient’s pores is loosened and/or eliminated

3. Extraction – Remaining debris is “unclogged” and removed from pores

4. Hydration – Final stage includes assessment of skin condition before hydrating skin.

RF Deep Facial Cleansing is a detailed solution to help eliminate all underlying impurities seamlessly. A competent specialist will evaluate a patient’s skin before completing the pain-free session.

This treatment is ideal because:

• Immediate visible results

• Pleasant and soothing 

• No downtime 

• Safe for all skin types

• Natural oxygenation from within - works with the natural processes of the human body

• Optimal cleansing and exfoliation 

• Maximum infusion of active ingredients

• Superior active nourishment 

• Clinically proven

Here recommend you our most popular 6 IN 1 spa device SPA10E, with following work head:


Glowskin O+ Carbon Oxygen Machine Application:

1. Effective against mites, fog, clear skin allergy source

2. Real alternative discharge makeup, washing face, anhydrous operation,no water needed, no residue

3. Removing aged cutin, transparent skin, against endocrine disorder

4. Effective for skin whitening, toning skin,

5. Effective for ance removal, smooth skin effectively




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