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The most popular 3D HIFU machine for skin tightening

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3D HIFU  has been a more and more popular technology for skin tightening, from 2017-2018,it has been a new trend, sooner will occupy the whole market.

In order to expanded our market, we design and product a new up-grated version, which is super success and get great feedback from our customer.  Its advantages are as below:

1.cartridges shot 1-11 lines adjustable----Traditional HIFU only 1 lines shots

2.Because the cartridges could 1-11 lines adjustable, when treating the clients face, one time push the button, many lines shots will come out, then don't need to move the cartridges,  compared with the traditional hifu, it will save half treatment time------traditional HIFU one time push button comes out only one line shot, which needs move many times to treat the whole face

3. More than 1 lines shots, at the end of the treatment, could do a sliding shot for a consolidation therapy, which could reach better effect. 

4. New colorful operate screen and and new casing, we ensure its peculiarity,attractive more clients for you.

What are you waiting for? Just feel free to ask it if there is any interest!! 


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