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Ultrasound weight loss treatment

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There is only one device that is a real ultrasonic non-invasive device for fat removal that works by cavitation. That is the Ultrashape device by Syneron and was FDA approved last week. It is a focused ultrasound device and has extensive testing and use in other countries.

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Liposonix is another focused ultrasound device that works more thermally - i.e. burns the fat and not really using cavitation. There are non-focused ultrasound devices as well - Bella Contour and Vasershape. Both help a bit with body shaping but are not as efficacious in fat removal as Ultrashape and Liposonix. Other non-invasive fat removal devices that work quite well are Coolsculpting by Zeltiq and Vanquish by BTL. Lots of new devices out there and a lot of hype. Best to go to an experienced office that offers multiple technologies. 

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