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What factors will affect the result of fat freezing weight loss

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The cryolipolysis fat freezing for body contouring use advanced cooling technology to removal reduction fat .In order to achieve good fat freezing results we sincerely suggest below :

fat freezing results.jpg

1.The machine must be operated by professionals;

2.Please set different temperature according to different customers:Till now, we have found that the skin of Individual client does not have Cold-resistant. When using the select below -5 degrees, the client will suffer the phenomenon of skin frostbite. And these group of clients are recommended for choosing 5-0 degrees.

-- We suggest that the first use of patients choose not lower than -5 degrees. The fat thickness is more than 55mm, the temperature can be chosen from -5 to -10 degrees. If the fat thickness is less than 55mm, the skin will be risk of cold injury;

3. antifreeze membrane will be affect the result of fat freezing results too:

Please take the ant-freezing membrane out of the package and open tithe excess antifreeze fluid in the package should be rubbed on the treatment area, and then put the ant-freezing membrane on the treatment area regularly.

-- Please stop the treatment, after 20 minutes, and check if the membrane has enough antifreeze liquid and also check if the membrane covers the treatment area completely.

-- When you find the membrane does not have enough antifreeze liquid, after opening the packing, please remove the antifreeze left in the package to the membrane, you also can open a new package and get the more antifreeze liquid for the first membrane. Because enough antifreeze liquid can protect the clients from cold injury.

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