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What is OPT hair removal technology?

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OPT is an advance Intense Pulse Light that works by sending “intense optical energy” through the skin and into the hair follicles, targeting the black pigments there. After being absorbed by the black pigment in the hair follicle, the light is converted into heat and destroys the hair follicle. With this technology, only black or dark brown hairs are suitable for treatment and lighter colored hair e.g. grey, white, blonde hair will not respond.

What are the areas of body that can be treated?

Commonly treated areas include face, upper lip, chin, underarm, forearm, bikini area and lower legs. Other uncommon areas include ear, nostril, nipple and umbilical area.

OPT reduce hair count

In patients with recurrent infection e.g. folliculitis of the hair follicle of the beard and lower leg area, OPT hair reduction treatment can be carried out to remove the hair to help prevent and eliminate the infection.

Clinical results from OPT Hair Reduction

In general, 70-85% hair reduction is an acceptable clinical results and this can be attained after a series of 4-8 OPT hair reduction treatment. There will always be some hairs that are resistant and have escaped the IPL destruction. You may have a few hairs re-grow over a period of time so touch-up treatment may be needed from time to time.

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