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Why picosecond laser machine are the first choice for tattooing removal?

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Advantages 1

550-750 picosecond wide pulse, fast and safe

550-750 picosecond wide pulse, treatment time is greatly shortened, picosecond laser machine can crush pigment particles, treatment of non-destructive skin tissue, will not cause skin thinning.

Advantages 2

755nm wavelengths, --3 times removel black

The absorption of melanin by 755nm wavelength is 3 times that of traditional laser, which can shorten the number of treatments and clear the deep stubborn spots.


Full function treatment heads

1064 for freckles, lip, pigmentation, eyebrows, eyeliner

532 for eyeliner, lips, diluted birthmark, color tattoo, shallow spot

755 removes age spots, chloasma, liver spots, freckles, red black spot

1320 Black head to whiten and rejuvenate, improving the texture of the skin, reducing pores, deep cleansing


Treatment speed:

Picosecond lasers: One trillionth of a second

Traditional laser:One billionth of a second

Treatment range:

Picosecond lasers: Spot, tattoo, fine lines, acne marks

Traditional laser:pigment

Treatment time

Picosecond lasers: 10-20 munites

Traditional laser:30 munites

Recovery Time:

Picosecond lasers: 3-6 hours

Traditional laser:2-3 days of redness recovery period

side effect

Picosecond lasers: Non-destructive skin

Traditional laser:It is prone to anti-black, pigmentation


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