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  • ETG50-6S
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coolsculting southampton coolsculting southampton Your client or yourself as a beautician or doctor knows the following tips: 
When they exercise in the gym, they also consciously eat healthy food, sometimes they also lose weight. Unfortunately, smaller or larger stubborn cellulites are suspended. Imagine that, you can solve these problems for you and your clients. Cryolipolysis is a good choice. Your customers will be very grateful. 
coolsculting southampton coolsculting southampton 1. Fat freezing machine has reheating function, green LED and red LED, and the tailor made antifreeze membranes, all of these will help the clients avoid frostbit during treatment.
2. Four handles can be used at the same time.
3. Vacuum pump imported from Germany.
4. New cooling system for better skin protection.
5. the lowest treating temperature is up to -9 degree centigrade.
6. treating temperature can be changed intelligently.
7. Autometic massage during treatment make the whole process enjoyable. coolsculting southampton coolsculting southampton